Grand Schlemm

The culinary beach hike in the imperial baths of Usedom

Be cordially welcome and hike to an exclusive 10-course menu of a very special kind. Stroll along the Baltic Sea beach - from Ahlbeck via Heringsdorf to Bansin - and let yourself be pampered by the top chefs of the island in 10 fine gourmet taverns , Take a seat, enjoy fine, lovingly prepared food and taste the corresponding, exquisite wines of well-known German winegrowers, while you look out over the sea and listen to the nearby surf ... Grand Schlemm - that's fine dining on the beach on Usedom!

Our chef Björn Stolpe proves once again every year his skills and conjures together with his team delicious creations in our gourmet market!

You would like to be part of the 15th Grand Schlemm on May 23, 2020? Your gourmet ticket for this unique gourmet experience including all food and drinks is available for € 189,- at We are happy to inform you, accept your request and reserve your room.

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